What Inspires Me?


Brand experiences that bring together people in real-time with products, services, and good causes that give them reasons to stay loyal for life.

Architecture for the order, the magnitude, and the orchestration of an idea that comes to life through the unique contributions of a multitude of people.  

My favorite example: The St. Louis Arch.

My kids because they keep me guessing and moving at top-speed. It is still a thrill to see how very interesting and unique each is in everything they do.

Hockey for the thrill, the speed, the camaraderie on the bench, and the chance to go all out.


Frank Castiglione


The Important Stuff: Family + Friends

Continued Learning


If you’re not moving forward, you are moving backward. I’ve spent my 

career keeping current with functional skills as new areas in marketing and technology emerge. It has also been important to me to understand 

not just the what, but also the why. 


From Myers Briggs (ENTP) to Firo B and the others here, I’ve had the great fortune of taking nearly every professional assessment test available. Combine that with regular 360 team evaluations and I am clear on who I am, how best to work with others, and how to help a team gel into a cohesive group. 

As the leader, as a team member, or both.

Oh the Places I've Been


I have a successful track record as CMO, business owner, and leader of integrated marketing teams. My areas of expertise include all facets of media and channel planning including traditional and digital media. 

Experienced leader in brand management, business development, in-store marketing, creative development, licensing, event marketing, marketing analytics, PR + publicity, eCom, SEO, managing video production teams, email marketing, content creation, and social media. 

 20+ years as CMO for Fortune 500 brands, 

entrepreneurial start-ups, and those in-between.

Team Success


Awards are not the reason to do something, but it is nice to be recognized by one’s peers. Great work is always a team effort.


From multiple Best in Show RACie awards to the Tellys shown here, I have had the great fortune to work with many talented team members, partners, and trusted resources. Working with inspiring creative people of various 

disciplines is what makes it all worthwhile. 

Thank you to all who played a part.